D.O.A. Registry

Welcome to the boat registry of the Dispro Owners Association. The purpose of this database is to catalog all known Dispros, to show their current condition, and owners. 

To find out what a Dispro IS, visit David's Dispro Site.

We do not list any contact details for the owners of these boats, but if you belong to the Dispro Owners Association, you will find that information in the club's directory.


There are a few un-identified floating objects in the database. Enter "unknown" in the "owner" box to see them. Please send any information, corrections, or comments to:


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Be careful when combining multiple search items. We do not have complete information on all the boats, so looking for a "Waterford" owned by "Smith", might fail, if we don't have the boat type filled in. Simply look for "Smith" and browse the results. The "Reset" button below resets the form to blank. You must select at least one search term. If there is not a drop-down list offered, just type anything you like in the box.

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