Recommended Maintenance To Prevent Toaster Trouble

Toaster Maintenance to Prevent Crashes and Freezes (Hopefully)

This information is from tech support at Newtek. I will include their entire email at the end of this document for reference.

You will lose your workspace during the first procedure, so let’s make sure that we save it.

At the lower left of the toaster menu, there is a “1” and a “2”. These are two different workspaces that you can setup and select. Right-clicking the “1” brings up the opportunity to store and recall workspaces.

If you haven’t been using this feature, click on “Store 1” to store the layout of your monitors, switcher, etc. when you finish this maintenance, use “Recall 1 to get your stuff back.

With the Toaster NOT Running:

Go to Start->VT(4)->Utilities, and run “Reset Configs”. A window will appear and disappear by itself. NewTek also suggests to run “Auto Configure”. A window will open, and a lot of stuff will fly by. This takes a while, and during the procedure your video output will be crazy. Eventually, all will be well, and you have to choose to finish by pressing “Enter”.


With the Toaster RUNNING:

We need to open the filebin. Huh? How? Well, it’s not on the menu…

Right-clicking on a blank spot will allow you to choose the alternate menu, which is a vertical one.

On this menu, “Filebin” appears.

Open the Filebin

Right-clicking in the blank area will bring up a maintenance menu.

Select the clean-up options one at a time. Done!

Restore your workspace with the recall button. If you Lose the switcher configuration, see “Restoring Bob”.

The entire email from NewTek:

Hi David,
For VT4 there are no updates past build 6016. The most important thing people can do to keep freezes and crashes to a minimum are regular maintenance. Resetting the config file and clearing the VT cache are important to do and something that most people seem to not do. Config files can be reset by shutting down VT and going to the start menu, programs, VT folder and Utilities folder. Inside is a reset configs selection. Do this then run the calibration in the same folder. The other part is clearing the cache files and could be the most important part. Launch VT, go to the main menu and open File Bin, Put your mouse in File Bin over an empty spot (not over a folder or drive) and right click. This will bring up two options. Clean Missing Files, Clean Temporary Files. Both of these should be run. 
This could take a second or a couple of minutes depending on how many temp files have been stored. Another important thing to do is system maintenance. Such as defragging the hard drive and cleaning the temp files.