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Since the rescan of Mr. Animation was black & white, colour output was provided by Mr. Colorizer (it doesn't look right with the "u" in it).

Mr. Colorizer II was a multiple-level video keyer that could extract the edges of the graphic, blink or stripe any keyer, and offered soft and hard keying. as well, it had two analog processing channels as well. Remarkably, Adobe Photoshop™ filters offer much the same effects today.

The various channels were mixed into the red, green, and blue channels of an NTSC colour encoder to provide composite colour output.

Imagen did some minor work for Colorization Inc., and some of Mr. Colorizer's circuitry went proudly into their patent application.

Mr. Colorizer "0" (behind me circa 1975) was built from vacuum tubes! The rack on the left is the sync generator. Mr. Colorizer 0 is the topmost piece of the right-hand rack.


"Quantum" was a dance piece shot in black and white, then colorized by Mr. colorizer 0. This is a short clip. Smear is good...

Mr. Colorizer I was very "hard"... there were no soft keyers, and no analog signal flow-through. 


A short clip of Mr. Animation I being colorized by Mr. Colorizer I. No pictures of Mr. Animation I were taken. Bah.

Sharp-eyed viewers will notice that Mr. Colorizer II is set up for R-G-B-Y encoding. That was so a colour background video could come through the analog channels with its colour intact through the Y channel of the encoder. Often, an out-of-focus additional camera would be fed through to provide a traveling glow.

Mr. Colorizer II wasn't as pretty inside. We saw the inside quite often, as I never got around to affixing latches, and the front panel kept falling open. some of Mr. Colorizer's circuitry went proudly into the patent application of Colorization, Inc.


The music on the Mr. Colorizer demo was chosen for its lyrics...