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Image North has produced many educational television series, from 26 to 39 episodes in duration. Having an interesting show opening means that you have to produce less content in each show! Imagen's openings have always featured goofy images and props.

Most of the music used by Imagen was written and performed by Harry Forbes, and viewers would write in for the sheet music and chords! I always had Harry stick a diminished chord in the theme for me.

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The Acme Shool of Stuff came about through a silly political blunder that resulted in Image North having to come up with an entire series over a two-day weekend!

The original title was "The Acme School of Science", and the "Stuff" was stuck on the proposal just to miff the educators. "We LOVE it!" Go figure.

Wastenot was about garbage and  how we've all been turned into "consumers". The opening is a tribute to the animation in "Why Man Creates".

The ending of Wastenot was shot with an 8mm camcorder... forbidden on the airwaves back then. It was stuck in a broadcast-able fake viewfinder frame. No one ever commented on the date. The recycled videotape gag at the end got noted on many broadcasters fault logs... "tape scratch at 10:28:49:00" Geeze guys.

Fast Forward dates back to 1977, and the incorporation of Image North. Mr. Animation II was rushed to completion for this title. Note the lack of shadows... Mr. Colorizer wasn't done yet, so this is a switcher matte-key.

Trivia: The Ampex AVR-2's fast forward button actually says "FF". Imagen hastily supplied a fake button-top labelled with the show title.